• Dasaratha Rama

Why Fold Circles?

In my experience, folding with Wholemovement is a unique way of engaging ideas. While I use many technology-based tools (e.g., Thortspace), folding provides insights that I have not obtained from any other tool.

A Moment...

Today, Ananth and I started organizing our journal on a torus ring. As we played with the positioning of the notepaper with post-its, a particular arrangement came into view. In the view below:

The uncertain, unexpected, unpredictable, and ambiguous part of Managing Moments (moments and macro-projects) is on one bowtie.

The structured, consistent, systematic part of Managing Moments (weekly plan and daily activities) are on a bowtie opposite the moments and macro-projects bowtie.

The two bowties are linked by:

  • the micro-projects bowtie that shows doable projects and SMART criteria for the projects

  • capacities and resources

  1. Moments and Macro-projects

2. Microprojects and SMART goals

3. Weekly Plan and Daily Activities

4. Connections and Resources


Now, we will experiment with thinking and communicating Managing Moments with this design!


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