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What is +iT?

Discovering Together - I

An unexpected moment in our Creative Programming journey! Yesterday, Manu Sekhar asked me: What is +iT? Interesting question! While Manu may not have known this, it was also a great time to ask the question! An important moment in our shared process of Discovery!

How the logo happened

Initially, +iT was just a shorter form of ADDIT. Boaz Santiago noted that five letters would not work well. He created a logo with +iT and expanded form of ADDIT Together below it.

Playing with +iT

We have played with +iT in different ways over time. Boaz designed the following for our Contact Us page!

Our life story and a blueprint for action!

Today, I see +iT with ADDIT Together below it as our life story and blueprint for action.

+iT is our life story! We experience countless moments. Further, moments can only be added to our lives. Hence, + is meaningful for narrating our life story! The moments influence how we respond to the five propelling questions! When we encounter new possibilities or work on existing projects, we ask:

  • Is this for me?

  • What is doable now?

  • What can I do next?

  • How can I get it done?

  • How am I doing?

Manu also asked whether ADDIT Together should be larger. But if +iT represents our lfie story and ADDIT Together represents how we are responding to events now, +iT being much larger than ADDIT Together is a meaningful design!

I created the above design in Canva a few years ago. I have seen the potential for using +iT in a more meaningful way for some time. Interestingly, I have related +iT and stories many times in the past.

Yesterday, when Manu asked the question, the answer just clicked into place! I remembered my earlier Canva design, edited it. I decided to create a blog post narrating discovery of the meaning of +iT!

The Managing Moments Canvas

The +iT appears in the Managing Moments canvas. How we notice moments is shaped by our life experiences (+iT)! Thus, +iT on the top left corner works for me! Our response to what happens and how we act in the world are shaped by countless moments that have happened since the day we are born!


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