• Dasaratha Rama

Visual Mapping with Jigs in Thortspace - 1

Jigs are commonly used reusable structures that can be used to organize information in Thortspace. A list of cognitive jigs developed by Cabrera Research Lab is available here. This series of posts will discuss the use of many of these jigs to organize information in Thortspace.

Activity : Create a List Template in Thortspace

Create a list template in Thortspace. Add numbers to each thort. The numbered list is a useful, reusable template that reduces the time taken to record information in a Thortspace sphere.


We created the list of organ systems to organize our study of Anatomy and Physiology. Lists with some content such as the one below can be very useful in specific settings. For example, the list below can be used repeatedly while studying Anatomy and Physiology. It can be used a starting point for organizing other information including other lists.

A list is a simple and useful jig that can be used to organize information in Thortspace. Being aware of the jig and creating templates reduces the time and effort required to map information in Thortspace. Jigs also increase consistency and clarity of presentation.


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