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Visual Mapping and Communication of Projects - 1

Becoming Aware

Today, I decided to start writing a series of blog posts on why we should invest in visual thinking/communication, Increasingly, we are seeing more remote learning and remote work. Knowing visual tools for communication is a valuable skillset at this time. Visual communication opens up opportunities for communication and improves how we communicate online.

One reason to teach students how to organize their information visually is to develop their capacity for online communication. As remote learning and remote work become more prevalent, visual communication will become a valuable skill.

This series of blog posts is focused on one application:

Visual Mapping and Communication of Projects.

We use the Managing Moments Monthly Map for visually mapping and communicating projects. As shown below, a project is visualized in terms of 15 moments from initial recognition of a possibility to completed projects and capacity development.

A Visual Thinking Journey

We have been learning visual thinking tools for many years. Numerous innovative and versatile visual thinking tools are available for free. We have access to online communities to learn with others.

Moments: Awareness

You will experience many moments on your visual thinking journey. When you become Aware of a new tool for visual thinking, ask yourself: Is this for me?  

The answer can be yes, no, or need more information!

  • Observe how others are using the tool.

  • Talk to others and research the tool to learn more.

  • Think about how the tool can help you in visual thinking.

The awareness stage is an important stage in your journey. Conversations increase your awareness and increase the likelihood that you will find and use the right tools throughout your learning journey!

Activity: Make a List of Possibilities

Make a list of tools that you are using or are considering using this month for tracking your projects and communicating with others. These are tools that you may have become aware of recently or have been aware of for a long time.

We use several tools for visual mapping and communication of projects. Choose from the list below and add your own favorite tools!

  • diary

  • post-its ad paper

  • whiteboard

  • folded circles

  • Googledoc

  • Googlesheet

  • Plectica

  • Thortspace

  • Powtoon

  • kumu

  • Canva

  • Wakelet

  • Screen2gif

  • HTML/ CSS animations

  • Zoom/Skype


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