• Dasaratha Rama

Using Thortspace: Linking and Embedding Spheres

This is the first post in a series on Thortspace. Each post will focus on one or two features. We will explain why those features are important for implementing our Managing Moments Journal. To learn how to create linked spheres in Thortspace, review the article here.

Moment: Deciding to implement our journal as a set of linked spheres. Linked spheres enable us to record information about different projects in different spheres while being able to see all projects at a glance. We can also navigate between projects with ease.

Awareness: Is this for us? Linking and embedding spheres is an important feature for implementing the Managing Moments journal. We can collect information on one topic or project in one sphere and organize our ideas and work into a collection of spheres.

Discovery: What is doable now? It is easy for us to update, review, and share information because our Managing Moments journal is organized as a set of linked spheres. Linked spheres are also invaluable for visual storytelling.

Direction: What should we do next? We are now adding arrangements for each month within the sphere for each macro-project. This step will further enhance the organization of information in our Managing Moments journal.

Integration: How can we get it done? When we start a new project, we create a new sphere and link it to the central sphere.

Transformation: How are we doing? Deciding to implement the journal as a set of linked spheres makes the design work for us.

Together: Who can we talk to now? We intend to reflect on different features and why they are important for us to engage members of our networks in conversations.

View our journal for one project below. You can also view the journal here. Zoom in and out to explore the information in the spheres! The last screen shows the Creative Programming project along with other active projects.

Create your journal in Thortspace and share your journey with us!


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