• Dasaratha Rama

Unlocking the Value of Thortspace - Rama's Journey

I learned about Thortspace in 2016. I sensed that it would be of value to us. While the initial hunch has proved to be right, it was not easy to figure out the right use cases for us. We are early adopters. Given the active user community, development of Thortspace itself, and engagement by Thortspace team, I am confident that others will discover the right use cases faster!

Key Moments

See key moments in our journey. Also, view the Thortspace journey documenting moments that led to greater clarity and precision in Thortspace use. We will be discussing these use cases in detail in upcoming months. The Thortspace sphere and journey will be updated throughout the year.

2016: Became aware of Thortspace


2016-2019: Experimented with Thortspace but not clear about right use cases for us.

April 2020: Started teaching Ananth Thortspace by focusing on selected features each week.

May 2020: As Ananth became fluent, we began implementing the Managing Moments journal in Thortspace.

August 5, 2020: Decided to write Learning4LIFE Conversation book in Thortspace and share one thort at a time!

New feature: Journeys zoomed into lifted thorts

July 2020: Started exploring use of Thortspace with elementary school child


August 2020: Decided on storytelling using Learning4LIFE/ Managing Moments as key use case.

08-06-2020: Thortspace use has recently clicked into place for us! Looking forward to our journey as Thortspace ambassadors!

08-06-2020: Use Learning4LIFE/ Managing Moments to organize brand ambassador role.



As of today, the following micro-projects are taking shape:

Write Learning4LIFE Conversation book for parents

Share a thort daily with Learning4LIFE parent group

Write Learning4LIFE Conversation book

Share a thort in Facebook group daily

Write a Learning4LIFE Thortspace Brand Ambassadors Conversation book

Share in Facebook groups daily

Coach Ananth in using Thortspace for learning

Use Thortspace as conversation and documentation tool with Pragnya.


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