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Unlocking the Value of Thortspace

Writing and Blogging with Thortspace

Is Thortspace right for us?

We keep returning to this question even though we have been using Thortspace for several years. We know there is value but clarifying the value has not been easy for us. The Thortspace experience is unique and different from any other tool that I have used. There are subtle interactions between features that we have been able to discover through persistent exploration. As we share our experiences, we hope others will see some ways of unlocking the value of Thortspace.

The Challenge

There are many visual mapping tools (Plectica, kumu) that provide value in different ways. In addition, tools such as Powtoon and Canva can also be used to organize visuals maps and communicate our ideas and experiences with others.

Thortspace is a tool for writing!

An aha moment yesterday:

Thortspace is a tool for writing.

I do not find the term mind-mapping very useful as I am not sure what the desired results are and how they are being accomplished. Thortspace is a tool for writing clarifies the value for me!

Thortspace helps us write better than we can without Thortspace. There are other uses but this is the most important usecase for us.

Our workflow for blogging with Thortspace

Ananth and I blogged daily in June 2020. We evolved a process for writing with Thortspace:

1. Record information in thorts

2. Categorize thorts

3. Group thorts

4. Re-arrange thorts

5. Switch to Do mode.

6. Review the groups and thorts to check order.

7. Re-arrange groups and thorts as needed.

8. Switch to Think mode

9. List all Thorts in Browser

10. Copy and paste the thorts in Word.

11. Convert the table to text.

12. Paste the text in Wix.

13. Switch to Think model.

14. Create a snip of the Thortspace screen.

15. Create a gif.

16. Add the image or gif to the blog post.

17. Create a journey

18. Provide a link to the journey in the blog post.

19. Embed the journey in the blog post

20. Publish the post

Writing Process and Product

Interestingly, we reached this point last month and yet moved away in a slightly different direction when we experimented with an e-book in Thortspace.

While e-books in Thortspace can be a visually engaging way of presenting content, this move distracted us from what was working well:

Thortspace as a tool that supports the writing process.

We are now back to process orientation. If products happen, that will be exciting but we will stay focused on the process!

Next Steps

  1. We will resume blogging with a clear intent. Writing/ communication is a priority for us. Since we experience Thortspace as a tool for writing, we will use it daily.

  2. We have been working with cognitive jigs this month. We have now started exploring writing with cognitive jigs in Thortspace.

  3. Our Managing Moments canvas is a specialized map that we can use as a jig for blogging. We will use the canvas elements to organize our blog.


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