• Dasaratha Rama

Unlocking the Value of Creative Coding Lessons

Ananth started Creative Coding lessons with HashHackCode in May 2020. He is now on lesson 5.

As shown in the animation below, we engage HHC as follows:


Ananth does three HHC lessons each week. I observe these lessons. Over time, I have evolved my own approach to active observation. I have realized that I will likely do animations with a variety of tools (Powerpoint, Canva, Powtoon). So I observe visual patterns and see how I can use these patterns more than the details of HTML/CSS. I have enough technical knowledge that I understand the HTML/CSS but I do not focus on it.


As we do lessons, we get ideas for our own micro-projects. We define projects for conveying our work. A breakthrough moment happened when Ananth made an analogy comparing CSS transitions and Life transitions! This is the moment when I saw a specific possibility for using animations to convey our ideas and experiences. A few months later, we have a clear direction for creating animations with different tools and enhancing digital expression!

Integration to Direction is an important transition. Integration represents routines/ habits/ workflow. Integration represents how we use our capacities to learn and to do things every day. As we are doing these daily activities, we see possibilities for doing micro-projects that grow our skills. The ongoing lessons with HHC (Integration) create the conditions for personalized projects (Direction) for each student and parent in the HHC eco-system!


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