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Tracking Project Status with Thortspace

Project Management Challenge

Cognitive jigs are reusable structures or mental models that can be used repeatedly to organize ideas. A small number of universal jigs can be used across disciplines and problem-solving situations to organize information in a consistent and orderly way. We have been practicing cognitive jigs for organizing information for learning, thinking, and writing for many years. Recently, we have started using jigs more explicitly in the learning process.

The challenge is that we cannot learn jigs in a rigid sequence. Becoming aware of jigs is the first step in the process. We experiment with jigs to discover when and how to use jigs effectively. Then, we start using jigs in a more intentional way.

The Solution

We have recorded jigs and processes for using them in a Thortspace sphere. As we start practicing a new jig or make changes to our process, we can quickly change the status. The Thortspace status report is a visual tool that shows project status at a glance.

We have also discovered that Thortspace works best when we do not include too much detail. It is a tool for recording small chunks of information (thorts) that can be re-arranged, grouped, and categorized rapidly. We can change status of the use of each jig with a click of the mouse! We have decided to move details of jigs, specific uses (e.g., writing samples) in OneNote.

List all thorts in Browser

Listing all thorts in a browser in one function of Thortspace that is extremely useful to us. The list below was generated from our project sphere. This list will be the starting point for developing our OneNote notebook.

Initiating: Starting tomorrow

Practice categories jig

Adapting: Making changes

Notice opportunities for practicing DSRP

Choose cognitive jigs

Build micro-maps

Re-build and talk

Maintain a DSRP notebook in Thortspace + OneNote

Write from micro-maps


Practice barbell

Practice RD jig

Practice R-channel jig

Practice RDS jig

Practice table jig

Practice graph jig


Practice cause-effect jig

Sequence jig

Flow map

Input - Process - Output jig


Practice Distinctions

Practice Systems

Practice Relationships

Explore Perspectives


Practice Part parties

Ask questions

Practice hierarchical trees

Practice perspective circle jig

Practice perspective ecology

Mix and Match jigs

Build micro-maps

Memorize micro-maps

Evolve micro-maps

Share DSRP maps and writing


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