• Dasaratha Rama

Three Ways to Participate

1. Share a moment. Why is that moment important to you? How did this moments influence your actions?

Enrich your description of moments by answering one or more of the five propelling questions:

  • Is this for me?

  • What is doable now?

  • What can I do next?

  • How can I get it done?

  • How am I doing?

2. Join our micro-project of the month.  Participate in the project by sharing your ideas and experiences.

We are exploring rapid journaling and visual storytelling in June 2020.Share ideas, techniques, and experiences for journaling and storytelling in social media. Share your experiences with different tools for journaling and storytelling.

3. Learn about our community

Respond to posts, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Notice, read, respond with generosity.Ask clarifying questions.Make suggestions that can help members' clarify their goals and activities.


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