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The Managing Moments Monthly Map

We started developing our website in 2014.

The project was set into motion when Boaz Santiago of Boaz Branding remarked that I should do branding work before continuing writing!

This was a path-shifting moment! I had not considered the possibility of branding. I viewed my work more as a research project at that time.

We started working with Boaz. Boaz did graphic design and logo design before proceeding to website development. He developed the Managing Moments Canvas that is used to organize our home page.

While the website design has been in place for some time, we can now fully utilize this resource to create an informational and engaging website for our community. Two main reasons for starting work on our website:

  1. Managing Moments method and journal design are complete.

  2. We are seeing ways to use animations to clarify the Managing Moments message.

The Managing Moments Monthly Map

We will use the Managing Moments method and tools to manage our website project:

- The Wakelet (embedded below picture) contains a link to our Managing Moments Monthly Map for the project.

- The Wakelet also includes selected blog posts and pages developed during the month.

- The monthly map is being implemented in Googledoc. We will copy information from the last day of the previous month to set up the monthly map for the next month. While it took us about an hour to set up the map for the first time, updates are quick.

Project Wakelet

The Wakelet for our website development project is embedded below. Click on the first link and review our monthly map!


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