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The Managing Moments Canvas

The Managing Moments Canvas

he Managing Moments Canvas is a visual summary of the Managing Moments Method. The Managing Moments Canvas has now been updated to align the component descriptions with the Managing Moments Worksheet/journal design.

The Managing Moments worksheet is organized into three steps:

Step 1. Visualize Desired Future

Step 2. Track Moments and Micro-projects

Step 3. Map Capacities with Six Cs

The Managing Moments Canvas has now been labeled to show these steps.

Step 1. Visualize the Future

The Managing Moments method is based on the idea that moments influence action that lead us to our desired future.

+: Moments

i: intentional action (do a series of micro-projects or short-term, well-defined projects to achieve long-term goals)

T: Identify desired results and long-term macro-projects

Micro-projects are the heart of the Managing Moments practice. Moments are unpredictable and unexpected. Thus, we may not be able to develop detailed plans to achieving long-term goals. Further, we may not have all the capacities and resources to achieve our long-term goals. Focusing on short micro-projects that are doable with the resources at hand is the essence of the Managing Moments process.

2. Track Moments and Micro-projects

Five Moments to Manage

The five moments below show how micro-projects take shape and are executed to move us towards our desired future:

Awareness: When you learn about possibilities, goals, and activities (Is this for me?)

Discovery: When a project becomes doable (What is doable now?)

Direction: When you see the right next steps/projects to do (What can I do next?)

Integration: When you find a way to get the project done (How can I get it done?)

Transformation: When you see progress or achieve desired results (How am I doing?

Four Outcomes of Managing Moments

Managing Moments results in the following outcomes:

Initiating: Starting the right project

Adapting: Making the right changes to existing projects to adapt to changing situation

Sustaining: Continuing the right projects and practices

Extending: Making the right incremental extensions to successful projects

One Key Practice

Play it forward: Playing it forward by sharing ideas, experiences, and insights enables us to engage others in the Managing Moments process. Managing Moments Together increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the Managing Moments process.

3. Six Capacities for Managing Moments

The Six Cs represent six capacities (Six Cs) that help us notice and respond to moments effectively:

Connections: Increase people who contribute to or influence your project

Conversations: Grow discussions with people to develop and implement projecys

Clarity: Evaluate possibilities, goals, and activities

Choice: Seek feedback on decisions about possibilities, goals, and activities

Competence: Evolve knowledge and skills needed for the project

Coordination: Evolve routines/workflow to get the project done effectively and efficiently


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