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The Managing Moments Canvas

The Managing Moments process is based on the idea that we are continuously refining our ideas of our desired future. We are also considering, starting, modifying, continuing, and extending projects based on information revealed by moments. Parents, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and others need the capacity to notice and engage the flow of moments to choose the right course of action!

The Managing Moments Canvas summarizes the key elements of the Managing Moments approach. It is a visual summary that presents the elements of the Managing Moments approach at a glance. The canvas organizes the elements into categories and enables us to visualize interrelationships between the elements.

The Managing Moments Method

  • Visualize Desired Future

  • Grow Capacities

  • Notice Moments

  • Micro-projects

  • Progress

I. Visualize Desired Future

The Managing Moments process starts with an identification of desired results. At this stage, we also identify long-term macro-projects to help us achieve our desired results. Macro-project goals are clarified gradually over time. Resources needed to complete the macro-project also become available over time.

The three +iT components recognize the role of moments in shaping action to achieve desired results:

+: Moments

i: intentional action

T: Transformation

II. Grow Capacities

The Six Cs (Connections, Conversations, Clarity, Choice, Competence, and Coordination) are six capacities that help us notice and respond to moments. As we grow Connections and engage others in Conversations, we are better able to Clarify goals and activities, make the right Choices, prioritize and develop the right knowledge and skills (Competence), and evolve effective learning and project management practices (Coordination).

III. Notice Moments

Managing Moments is based on the idea that we start, modify, continue, and expand projects based on information revealed by unpredictable and unexpected moments. Desired results and macro-projects are also modified over time as information becomes available.

IV. Define Micro-projects

We define short, doable micro-projects and evolve them over time to meet our long-term goals. Long-term macro-projects may not be doable now. Further, goals and activities for macro-projects are often not known at the outset. Under Managing Moments, we move forward by defining and doing micro-projects. Short, well-defined micro-projects give us quick feedback on our direction and progress. We also develop capacities and generate additional resources for future micro-projects.

V. Share Progress

We track progress and share our progress with others to evolve our plans.


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