• Dasaratha Rama

The Learning4LIFE Conversation Book

Over the last month, the intention to write an e-book crystallized for us. Then, the idea of an activity book took shape. As we wrote, a Learning4LIFE conversation book happened!

What is a Conversation book?

We see it as a book whose primary purpose is to orchestrate and curate conversations in social media. There are many elements in the Learning4LIFE/Managing Moments framework and practice. We have been using these elements in conversations for several years. Social media conversations have emerged as a way to immerse people in Learning4LIFE concepts/practice. A conversation book rather than a traditional e-book appears to be the path forward for us!

Why Thortspace?

We have seen the potential of using Thortspace in social media conversations for some time. A few new features and development of our own "thorting" skills made this project doable!

Check out our first conversation book and join the Learning4LIFE conversation!

We expect that Thortspace as a tool for a conversation book will work for us. It is not a new idea. Over the years, one reason that we keep returning to Thortspace is that it embeds well in conversations. Certain refinements in Thortspace and our evolving capacity to use Thortspace has made this idea explicit, concrete, and actionable!


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