• Dasaratha Rama

The Journey of a Micro-project

Today, I decided on and completed a small micro-project. I created the animation below to summarize the Managing Moments process. A journey spanning over more than two decades resulted in one small micro-project!

  1. Desired Future: To present Managing Moments in a clear and engaging way using animations and other tools for digital expression.

  2. Awareness: I became aware of the possibility for doing this project today morning. The seed for this project was planted when Ananth started learning coding with HashHackCode. A more recent moment was when he created the badge for level 4. The badge design gave me the idea of expanding animations I had created this week by showing an animation to represent the ongoing flow of moments that we are constantly clarifying.

  3. Discovery: We have been experimenting with animations in Powerpoint this week. So I knew this project was doable.

  4. Direction: I decided to expand an animation that we were working on yesterday by incorporating the badge design to show ongoing flow of moments. The Micro-project Goal: Create an animation that tells the story of how micro-projects take shape and get done.

  5. Integration: I quickly modified the design I was creating yesterday to create the animation.

  6. Transformation: This simple animation captures the essence of the Managing Moments process. I can now see the journal design and other projects more clearly!

  7. Connections: Many connections have played a role in this micro-project: 1) The elements in the animation are from my Growing Systems of Success (GSS) book based on The PhD Project model, 2) Boaz Branding work on logo, graphics, and website continues to inform our design choices, 3) HashHackCode designs inspired the design of the animation, and 4) members of the Managing Moments community give ongoing feedback.

  8. Conversations: Feedback from Managing Moments community daily helps us create and refine our designs.

  9. Clarity: Ongoing flow of moments resulted in this project. Numerous micro-projects over the years resulted in this micro-project.

  10. Choice: Continuous exploration based on information revealed by moments has increased my confidence in making choices. I quickly decided on this micro-project.

  11. Competence: HashHackCode has played an important role in developing competence in using animations for digital expression.

  12. Coordination: This week we started using Powerpoint to create animations and use them in larger designs for storytelling.


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