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Storytelling with Thortspace

A Journey to Bharatanatyam - I

Yesterday, we decided to document Ananth's Bharatanatyam journey with Thortspace. While we have ventured down this path a few times, a recent feature in Thortspace made this project doable. Thsi feature makes it easy for us to zoom in on thorts in the journey and makes the text easier for the viewers to read.


Goal: To perform my Bharatanatyam arangetram by 2021.


Many moments led me to where I am today:

12-01-2011: I became aware of Bharatanatyam when I saw a performance on television in Tirupati

April 2012: When we discovered a teacher, Guru Harija Sivakumar, learning Bharatanatyam became doable for me.

September 17 2012: I started learning Bharatanatyam from Guru Harija Sivakumar.

2012-2013 : I started practiced Bharatanatyam daily

I met Professor. Mohanan on April 22 2013.

2018: I decided to do Arangetram in India

2020: Arangetram was postponed because of COVID 19 lockdown. Now, I am adjusting practice and waiting for arangetram

View my journey below:


Pushpanjali ( #Arangetram piece)

Alaripu ( #Arangetram piece)

Jathiswaram ( #Arangetram piece)

Varnam ( #Arangetram piece)

Jaganmohanane ( #Arangetram piece)

Himagiri thanaye ( #Arangetram piece)

Pazhani Shanmuga ( #Arangetram piece)

Thillana ( #Arangetram piece)

Mangalam ( #Arangetram piece)

thattaduvu ( #Aduvus)

nattaduvu ( #Aduvus)

kuditthu mettu ( #Aduvus)

thath thai tham ( #Aduvus)

thath thai tha ha (#Aduvus)

single hand gestures (#Aduvus)

araimandi (#Basics )

muzhu mandi (#Basics )

walk (#Basics )

feet together

New! Kalyani Jathiswaram

Click the link to view my portfolio. You can also view my portfolio below:


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