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Storytelling with Circles - 1

Creating the video with Julia Hayden clarified our next steps! I was wondering how to tell the story of what happened and how Managing Moments was created in 10-15 minutes! The project has evolved over decades and telling the story appeared to be a daunting challenge.

I started by documenting moments that I was considering including in my story. I wrote down one moment on each notepaper. I attached an orange post-it and labeled it Moments. Then, I thought of the Vector-Equilibrium sphere that Ananth had folded. I started arranging moments on the sphere. Suddenly, it struck me starting with the moment I decided to homeschool would be a good starting point for the session with Julia. I added a few more pieces of notepaper with the projects taking shape now. Once I started talking, I found it very easy to narrate the Managing Moments story. Writing on small pieces of paper and organizing them flexibly on the sphere was a clarifying experience!

After this experience, it occurred to me that working on our Storytelling with Circles workbook would be good next step. We had a few ideas for the workbook but since the Managing Moments kit will be produced soon, the Storytelling with Circles would be useful in showing ways to use the kit effectively.

Getting Started

We started by setting up our journal for the project. We created an octahedron net. Ananth folded two circles into tetrahedrons and attached one half of a triangular side of the two tetrahedra together for forming the octahedron net. We may fold it into an octahedron later. However, the net is better at this stage!

One tetrahedron is for Rama and the other one for Ananth. Attach notepapers and post-its to each tetrahedron

  • Add an orange post-it to a notepaper. Write Moments on the post-it. Attach the paper to the central triangle of the tetrahedron net.

  • Add a yellow post-it to a notepaper. Write SMART goals on the post-it. Attach the paper to one of the outer triangles of the tetrahedron net.

  • Add a green post-it to a notepaper. Write Daily Activities on the post-it. Attach the paper to another outer triangle of the tetrahedron net.

  • Add a green post-it to a notepaper. Write Capacities and Resources on the post-it. Attach the paper to the remaining outer triangle of the tetrahedron net.

Our project documentation is shown below! We can see what is happening at a glance and talk about project progress.

Rama's Tetrahedron


Video with Julia Hayden (06-15-2020) catalyzed the Storytelling with Circles project

Rama Role

We focused on one of the Six Cs (Coordination). Ananth had been folding for many years and so we have evolved a process for working together. In this project, my role is

  • Choose designs: For example, today I thought of an octahedron because it is a way to show information about each person on one circle and join it to create a project model.

  • Prepare table of contents

  • Explain story-telling activities

  • Do videos with Jane Tyson


Complete Story-Telling with circles draft by 07-15-2020

Daily Activities


MWF: Fold, Write on post-its, Take pictures

TThS: Write in word

W: Video with Jane

Ananth's Tetrahedron


Started Wholemovement (2007)

Developed Fold, Color, Talk (2014)

Ananth Role


Write on post-its and note paper

Take photos

Transfer and organize photos

Write from folded circles


Complete Story - Telling with circles draft by 07-15-2020

Daily Activities


MWF Fold, Writen Post-its, Take pictures

TThS Write in word

Evolve the Story Daily

Journaling and storytelling are seamlessly integrated in the Managing Moments process. By capturing moments, SMART goals, activities, and capacities/resources, we track the evolution of the project.


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