• Ananth Raghunandan

Reviewing with Anki

I first became aware of Anki in 2014. However, I did not use it much. Suddenly, we thought of Anki because now I have a lot to review as I study for my diploma and degree.

My Journey

  • Awareness: 2014: Became aware of Anki when my sister-in-law told me about it.

  • Discovery: August 2020: Using Anki to review became doable and worth doing

  • Direction: 09-01-2020: Decided to use Anki as a review tool

  • Integration: 09-01-2020: Creating cards and reviewing with Anki for all subjects

  • Transformation: 09-07-2020: Created first hundred cards for review

  • Six Cs: Coordination: Anki is part of our daily learning workflow

View my journey in Thortspace below.


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