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Managing Moments: Completing a Project

Dasaratha Rama

Under the Managing Moments method, Completing a micro-project is an important type of moment. Completed micro-projects impact capacities and resources, spark questions on future activities, create a need to revise SMART goals, and change daily activities.

. When we complete a micro-project:

  • Record the moment

  • Update and review capacities and resources

  • Answer propelling questions

  • Define SMART projects

  • Record daily activities

1. Record moment

06-08-2020: Yesterday, Ananth completed Completed Level 1 of Creative Programming.

2. Update and review capacities and resources

Connections: Manu Sekhar

Conversations: Skype, Whatsapp

Clarity: HashHackCode model and learning experience

Choice: Continue exploring ways of learning together

Competence: Creative Programming Level 1 skills

Coordination: Workflow for learning and practicing

3. Answer propelling questions

Is this for me? Yes!

What is doable now? Level 2 is doable now

What should I do next? Continue on to level 2

What can I do with ease now?

How am I doing?

What can I share with others?

4. Define SMART micro-projects

Creative Programming level 2

5. Track daily activities: June 2020

06-10-2020:#RL: 2.1

Ananth Raghunandan

You can view my journey below. You can also view the journey here.

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