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Rapid Journaling and Visual Storytelling with Thortspace - 1

Updated: Jun 18

Our first attempt at storytelling with Thortspace was when Ananth and I documented his piano journey with Thortspace. Since that time, we have experimented with Thortspace in many ways. When COVID19 lockdown started in March 2020, we started experimenting with Thortspace in a more systematic way. We practiced a few skills each week to become more fluent in Thortspace. But even at that point we were not sure of the use to which we would put Thortspace.

Ananth's Managing Moments journal

As we were trying to develop the Managing Moments Method and journal, we started implementing Ananth's journal in Thortspace. Implementinmg the journal as a set of linked spheres worked well for us! Since Ananth and I were both fluent in Thortspace vy this time, it was easy for us to use Thortspace for journaling an storytelling!

Over time, I documented the reasons why I thought Thortspace was the right tool for the Managing Moments journaling and storytelling process:

1. Organizing information in small chunks: Thortspace organizes information into small chunks called thorts.

2. Compiling large amounts of information: A large number of thorts can be organized into a set of linked spheres. Spheres can be further divided into arrangements.

3. Recording information quickly:A clear design, reusable templates, and fluency makes it possible to update the journal rapidly.

4. Grouping information in different ways: It is easy to move ideas around and group them in different ways.

5. Categorizing information in different ways: Category sets can be used to categorize the same information in multiple ways.

6. Linking information in different ways: Linked spheres and paths can be used to show relationships.

7. Re-arranging information in different ways: Thorts and groups can be moved around the sphere easily.

8. Locating information easily: Searching features enable us to locate information easily. Organization into linked spheres and arrangements also makes it easy to locate the right information.

9. Viewing information in different ways: There are many ways to view information in different ways: Zooming in and out, navigating between spheres, searching

10. Selecting and presenting information in different ways: Views can be collected compiled into journeys.

11. Sharing information in social media: Information can be shared as spheres, journeys, images, gifs

12. Collaborating with others: Multiple people can work together on a sphere.

In June 2020, we had to step away from Thortspace for some time. Thortspace is still the right tool for us. However, all members of our community may not use Thortspace. In fact, we see a need for demonstrating journaling with paper. Even here, the prototyping with Thortspace has been of immense value. One of our projects is storytelling with circles. We will use Wholemovement (www.wholemovement.com) and Thortspace to discuss rapid journaling and storytelling. I would have wasted a lot of paper trying to design our Managing Moments kit directly with paper! The Managing Moments kit fell into place suddenly as our Thortspace journal design clarified.


Next Steps

Yesterday, we returned to our Thortspace journal because Managing Moments storytelling suddenly clicked into place.

While we need to develop and demonstrate paper-based versions of our journal, we will primarily use Thortspace for our own journals!

In progress


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