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Rama's Roadmap

My first animated monthly roadmap!


Ongoing flow of moments has led to the micro-projects listed below. As an example, we have been working with HashHackCode for a few months. Suddenly, I saw a possibility for creating animations to convey the Managing Moments message and method with Powerpoint and Canva. Since the last week of August, we are slowly integrating animations in our blog, website, and Facebook posts.


The following list represents doable micro-projects. Animations became doable last week. The animations are helping us clarify the Managing Moments message because we can portray dynamics easily. Thus, animation micro-projects are influencing all other micro-projects.

  • Animations

  • Blog

  • Facebook groups

  • Kit

  • Monthly Map

  • Newsletter

  • Parenting

  • Website

  • Workbook


  • Complete Managing Moments Kit and Workbook: The design of the Managing Moments worksheet and journal was completed in August. Thus, my priority is to complete a draft of the Managing Moments workbook in September 2020.

I continue to grow my Six Cs as I share my work on social media. The Six Cs increase my capacity to notice and respond to moments.

  • Connections

  • Conversations

  • Clarity

  • Choice

  • Competence

  • Coordination


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