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Narrating Stories One Moment at a Time

Moment: Initiating: When we decide to start a new project

We finished implementing our Managing Moments journal in Thortspace last week. Ananth and I now have our journal spheres linked by a Managing Moments Together sphere. This week we decided to start working on visual storytelling.

The initiating moment happens when projects are doable and are worth doing now. We have considered the possibility of storytelling with Thortspace for some time. Now, visual storytelling is the right next step for us to focus on in our Thortspace journey. Often, initiating a new project follows completion of a prior project as it happened in this case.

Starting the project

Ananth and I had documented his piano journey using Thortspace in 2017. It was one of the projects we had tried. Even then I thought this was one of our best Thortspace creations! We reviewed this sphere and shared it through our Wix blog.

Limited text in thorts and explanation of moments in the group text was more readable when shared as a journey.

I want to return to this style for sharing Thortspace spheres on social media.

Visual Storytelling Workflow

  1. Select 8-10 key moments.

  2. Create a group of thorts for each moment.

  3. Write an explanation of the moment in the group description.

  4. Create a journey.

  5. Publish the journey.

  6. Share the journey (directly or by embedding Wix blog)

View Ananth's piano journey here.

Sharing our Thortspace Journey

We are sharing our Thortspace journey as a series of moments. We are sharing moments as they happen. So we started with Transformation because when we started writing stories this way, we had a reached a major milestone. We had finished design of our Managing Moments journal in Thortspace. Our goal is to write one article on each moment type for our first set of Thortspace posts!


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