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Mums Manage Moments

Parenting unfolds one moment at a time! While there are numerous resources on how to raise a child, every child is different. Every parent is different. Every family is in a different situation.

Tune in to moments that inform action!

Under Managing Moments, the following types of moments are significant as they guide action:

1.  When you see a new possibility

2. When a project becomes doable

3. When you choose next steps/ projects

4. When you see how to get a project done

5. When you see results

6. When you start a new project

7. When you change a project because of changing situation

8. When you decide to continue a project

9. When you decide to expand a successful project

10. When you make a new connection

11. When you have a meaningful conversation

12. When you clarify a possibility, goal, or activity

13. When you make a choice

14. When you learn a new skill

15. When you improve your project workflow

The Managing Moments Canvas shows the 15 important types of moments mums manage. As you manage these moments, you grow your capacities for future action. The six capacities are shown as the Six Cs tree:

  • Capacity to make connections

  • Capacity to have conversations that matter

  • Capacity to clarify possibilities, goals, and activities

  • Capacity to make choices

  • Capacity to identify and grow skills

  • Capacity to design a refine a workflow over time

Being in the right networks increases our capacity to make the right connections and impacts the other Cs! In turn, as we grow our Cs, we can better manage moments.

While Managing Moments can be used by teachers, coaches, learners, professionals, leaders, and others, I decided to start with parenting. Managing Moments emerged from my parenting experience, especially as a homeschooling mother. Teaching predetermined sequence of content according to a syllabus was different from the shifting, evolving homeschooling experience. If fixed syllabi, assignments, and to-do lists did not work, what would work? How can parents have a simple, flexible, and consistent process that followed the flow of a parent's experience? Managing Moments was born from this quest and integrates my experiences as a parent and a professional for over three decades.


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