• Dasaratha Rama

Moments that Set Projects in Motion

The seed for the Managing Moments kit that we are developing now with Tamaala Arts was planted over 22 years ago.

A Moment that set Managing Moments in Motion

1998: I was the Editor of monograph on service-learning published in 1998. The monograph published by the American Association of Higher Education was co-sponsored by KPMG Foundation. Met Bernard J. Milano who was then President of The PhD Project and The KPMG Foundation

While many moments before and after that date were highly significant in the development of my work, I consider the publication of the book as the point where the Managing Moments journey started. Of course, I had no idea that such a thing would happen! The book created a connection with The PhD Project and Bernard J. Milano, who was then the President of The PhD Project and The KPMG Foundation, and who has supported my work from its inception.

Capacities and Resources: Connections

My initial connection with Bernard J. Milano was followed by many connections who have influenced my work. A few who have directly influenced the journal are listed below:

Vinay Prashant

Suvarna Kamakshi

Peter Jones

Michael Josefowicz

Jane Tyson

Idania Cater

Andrew Bindon

Phil Shepherd

Bradford Hansen-Smith


2018: Rama's Growing Systems of Success book published by The PhD Project.

My friend and homeschooling parent, Idania Cater, read the book and suggested developing a journal. To this day, I am not sure how she saw that possibility from the conceptual framework in the book. The Managing Momentsb journal has turned out to be the core of the implementation of the ideas in the book!

Question: Is the journal project suggested by Idania Cater right for me?


June 2020: Design Managing Moments Kit with Tamaala Arts by June 30, 2020.

Daily Activities

Maintain journal, Write blog, write workbook

View Rama's Managing Moments sphere here.

Managing Moments and the Six Cs

Since a project may not immediately follow a moment, which moments are significant? Under the Managing Moments approach, moments that grow the Six Cs and grow the capacity for future action are relevant moments.

  • When you make a new connection

  • When you have a meaningful conversation

  • When you clarify a possibility, goal, or action

  • When you make a choice

  • When you learn a skill and evolve competence

  • When you figure out a way to coordinate with others to get things done

While I had no idea that a monograph on service-learning would end up in the Managing Moments kits two decades later, I had many moments that increased my Six Cs throughout the monograph project. The Six Cs model was not developed at that time. Looking back, the monograph project was the one that accelerated the development of the Six Cs and made possible what I am doing today!

Chance favors those who invest in their Six Cs!


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