• Dasaratha Rama

Micro-projects: A Tool for Clarity

Yesterday, Ananth and I created an animation with Powerpoint. Even though I have used Powerpoint for many years, I had never used animations in Powerpoint.

Today, we created a second animation. This animation was a simple extension of yesterday's animation. In the animation below, the color of a circle in Clarity area of the Six Cs tree changes continuously. These color changes correspond to the color changes shown for the micro-project as it progresses from Awareness to Transformation (see figure below first figure).

Clarifying Goals and Activities

Journey of a micro-project

Clarifying goals and activities one micro-project at a time

The idea for using animations came to me when Ananth talked about life transitions and CSS transitions after a class with HashHackCode. That is the moment I started asking whether animations would be useful for conveying the Managing Moments message and method.

Once we saw a possibility for using Powerpoint to create animations and realized that the project was doable, we decided to do a micro-project. The first micro-project took a few hours since we had to learn how to create animations in Powerpoint. However, the micro-project gave us quick feedback on whether this project was worth continuing.

Since we were able to replicate our design quickly and extend it to create a second animation micro-project today, we got further confirmation that we are on the right path!


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