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Managing Moments with the Kit and TUL Notebook

Updated: Jun 10

Week 1: 06-08-2020 to 06-15-2020

Our first week of maintaining the Managing Moments journal with the Managing Moments kit and a TUL notebook.

The Managing Moments Kit

A key moment in the development of the Managing Moments journal was the development of the kit by Tamaala Arts. The notepaper, post-its, clips, and other elements of the kit nudged me to a design with small movable parts. While some of the elements of our journal are from the TUL notebook system, others (notepaper, post-its, and clips are from the Managing Moments kit!

Ananth and I want to share our experiences with the TUL notebook to show some ways of organizing information in the Managing Moments journal. Additional information about the TUL discbound notebook system is available here.The Managing Moments journal can be maintained in any diary or with electronic tools (Googlesheet, Thortspace, Prezi etc.). The TUL notebook is a versatile and flexible system that allows me to experiment with different formats and share with the Managing Moments community.

It is not necessary to use the TUL notebook. The kit can be used with any notebook. We are using the TUL notebook has features (e.g., moving pages and other elements around easily) that when combined with the small movable elements of the Managing Moments kit increases flexibility and helps us demonstrate the Managing Moments process more effectively

Four Managing Moments Journaling Habits

Managing Moments is best viewed as a set of habits. A set of daily journaling practices that builds fluency in the use of Managing Moments method. The basic Managing Moments journaling process consists of four activities:

  1. Record moments

  2. Record/update SMART goals for a project you are doing this month

  3. Record daily activities

  4. Track capacities and resources. Our connections contribute to our projects in different ways and increase our capacity to do projects.

These four steps capture the interplay of unpredictable, unexpected moments and systematic and disciplined daily activities. We respond to moments by clarifying SMART goals. Our capacities and resources enable us to respond to moments and do the right daily activities.The poster below shows the four main steps of the Managing Moments journaling process. Our notebook pages are organized according to these components.

Moments, Capacities and Resources, and SMART goals for projects are recorded on one pages.

Daily activities are recorded on another page. Since we are journaling with Thortspace and notebook, and blogging with Wix, we have shown weekly activities for each of these projects.

Discovering the TUL notebook

Dasaratha Rama

I had recorded the moment when I became aware of the TUL notebook system. I experimented with the notebook and then discontinued use. I stopped using it because the journaling process was not fully developed. It was easier to experiment in Thortspace. Now that the design is complete, we want to use Thortspace and manual tools to better serve different users.

09-11-2019: Managing Moments Journal: TUL notebook

Today, I came across the TUL planner and notebook system.

I purchased a 2020 planner but could easily add some sheets and divider to organize the Managing Moments journal for the rest of this year.

The approach can be as simple or as sophisticated as we want. I want to use the TUL system to show the range of approaches possible.

Since I purchased the 2020 planner, I added dividers to create sections for the remaining months of August. I can also use these dividers to continue using the journal beyond 2020. While the initial cost of a TUL notebook is high, it has many advantages. Pages and dividers can be added, re-arranged, and taken out easily. I can choose the type of paper. For example, I find simple paper with a space for title and date at top works better for me than daily calendar pages with date and time for each day.

I also like the TUL task list. I can think of different ways for using this task list in the weekly pages.

If I buy a punch for discbound system, I can add any type of paper (different sizes, index cards etc.). However, the punch is expensive. Thus, I purchased extra sheets with space for title and date at top for the binder. That is enough for what I want to do at this time.



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