• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments Together with Thortspace, Wakelet, and Wix

An important moment today: I decided to integrate Wakelet and Wix in our Managing Moments workflow. We will organize information that we share in social media by project in Wakelet. Project level Wakelets will help streamline blogging.

Our updated workflow is as follows:

Managing Moments Journaling and Storytelling Workflow

1. Record information in Thortspace journal

2. Review the journal

3. Choose a story topic

4. Write a paragraph.

5. Switch to Do mode.

6. Review the groups and thorts to check order.

7. Re-arrange groups and thorts as needed.

8. Switch to Think mode

9. List all Thorts in Browser

10. Copy and paste the thorts in Word.

11. Convert the table to text.

12. Paste text in project Wakelet

13. Paste the text in Wix.

14. Add details

15. Create a snip of the Thortspace screen.

16. Create a gif

17. Add the image or gif to the blog post.

18. Create a journey

19. Provide a link to the journey in the blog post.

20. Embed the journey in the blog post

21. Publish the post

22. Add link to the blog post in Managing Moments Blog sphere

23. Share the post

24. Include link to Facebook post in Wakelet

25. Include link to tweet in Wakelet

View our Managing Moments Together Wakelet below:


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