• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments Together with Thortspace

Moment Type: Transformation: Macro-project Complete

Design of our Managing Moments journal in Thortspace is now complete

  • We collect information about moments, SMART goals, activities, and capacities/resources in the Managing Moments journal.

  • We also have a workflow for narrating our journey using information from our Thortspace journal.

  • We use our Managing Moments journal to review progress and map our journeys

  • We use our Thortspace journal for daily moment shares in online groups.

Transformation moments are unpredictable! While Thortspace appeared to be a good choice for the Managing Moments journal, we were switching between Thortspace and other tools until recently. The design started falling into place once we were convinced that Thortspace was the right choice for the Managing Moments journal for us.

The journey to journaling began when Idania Cater suggested designing a journal based on the Growing Systems of Success (GSS) book published in 2018. Two years later, the macro-project of designing a journal is complete! While we see this moment as the point when the Thortspace journal design was completed, other forms (e.g., the Managing Moments kit follow the same design principles. Hence, completing the journaling in one medium represents a significant milestone across media.


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