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Managing Moments Together by Sharing Stories

Managing Moments Together

Storytelling is the core practice for Managing Moments Together. By sharing our moments, goals, activities, and progress, we can support each other.

Thys van der Veer summarized Managing Moments together beautifully:

All we do, is managing our own moments. Synergies occur. And these synergies are "caught" and then fed back into the group.

Jane and Rama's Weekly Moment Share

Jane Tyson and I started a weekly moment share zoom call this week. As we share our week, we learn about how each of us can support the other in projects. For example, Jane is helping me clarify the Managing Moments method by talking with her each week. In turn, I am trying to tailor the Managing Moments method for mums for her presentation.

06-19-2020: Our Visual Storytelling Workflow

Ananth and I started blogging together in June 2020. We started practicing Thortspace in April 2020. While we had tinkered with Thortspace for a few years, we started practicing it in a more focused way in April. Our Thortspace project made blogging with Wix and Thortspace possible!

A moment when a workflow crystallized is an important milestone. It is the point where we see that a process works. It can be made into a routine and transformed into a habit over time!

Our Blogging Workflow

1. Record information in Thortspace journal

2. Review the journal

3. Choose a story topic

4. Write an introductory paragraph.

5. Switch to Do mode.

6. Review the groups and thorts to check order.

7. Re-arrange groups and thorts as needed.

8. Switch to Think mode

9. List all Thorts in Browser

10. Copy and paste the thorts in Word.

11. Convert the table to text.

12. Paste the text in Wix.

13. Add details

14. Create a snip of the Thortspace screen.

15. Create a gif

16. Add the image or gif to the blog post.

17. Create a journey

18. Provide a link to the journey in the blog post.

19. Embed the journey in the blog post

20. Publish the post

21. Add link to the blog post in Managing Moments Blog sphere

22. Share the post

We started blogging with Wix and Thortspace on May 31, 2020. More details on our experience in the next post!

To encourage storytelling, the following poster was shared in the Managing Moments group.

Thanks to Julia Hayden for giving me an opportunity to share the Managing Moments story! A very timely opportunity to narrate my story as I think it will help writing and future development of Managing Moments.

Influencers of the Week

Julia Hayden: Created Managing Moments video

Thys van der Veer: Conversations that helped me decide on Managing Moments Together as the overarching theme of our workbook series

Jane Tyson: Contributions of Moment Share practices, Development of Mums Manage Moments work

Michael Josefowicz: Testing Managing Moments with Printernet community. Michael's practice of making a list of moments in Googlesheet was extremely helpful. I tend to integrate moments, goals, activities, and progress in journaling. Keeping moments distinct is a good direction. Multiple moments shape a project, and the same set of moments can catalyze multiple projects.

Manu Sekar: Manu asked: "What is +iT?" A timely and important question that is helping me use the Managing Moments canvas more effectively in storytelling and conversations

Andrew Bindon: Ongoing conversations and support in use of Thortspace

Colin Horner: Ideas on visual storytelling and tools

Bradford Hansen-Smith: Story-telling with circles


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