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Transforming Lives by Managing Moments Together

+iT is our life story and blueprint for action! We experience countless moments. Further, moments can only be added to our lives. Hence, + is meaningful for narrating our life story in terms of moments! The moments influence how we respond to the five propelling questions! When we encounter new possibilities or work on existing projects, we ask:

  • Is this for me?

  • What is doable now?

  • What can I do next?

  • How can I get it done?

  • How am I doing?

Managing Moments and The Six Cs Tree

Our Six Cs play an important role in Managing Moments together!

We access our Connections, engage them in Conversations, Clarify possibilities, goals, and actions, make Choices, evolve knowledge and skills (Competence), and evolve how we work with others (Coordination). We continuously grow our Six Cs as we manage moments together.

Thank you, Julia Hayden for interviewing me for your Giving Voice series! It was a timely experience for multiple reasons. First, as I mentioned our Managing Moments kit and workbook are in progress and will be released in the next 2- months. Talking through the Managing Moments story is is very helpful at this time. Second, stories are an integral part of Managing Moments. Stories are strings of moments, and these moments influence our actions! Third, the video is a tangible resource that I can share with my community to help them get a sense of the origin, purpose, and development of Managing Moments.

Preparing for the Interview

I used the Vector-Equilibrium sphere folded by our son Ananth to organize moments for the story. As I looked at the sphere, it occurred to me categorize the moments according to my professional experience and my journey as a parent. Deciding to homeschool was a key moment that brought these journeys together! By arranging moments on the sphere, I could see the story taking shape for the video. Learn how to fold the Vector-Equilibrium sphere here.

A Storytelling Milestone

Our project of the month is Rapid Journaling and Visual storytelling. By quickly organizing my moments on the sphere, I was able to organize storytelling with Julia. An important moment in my journaling and storytelling journey!

A thought that is occurring to me is that having a collection of folded objects (divided circle, torus ring, Vector-Equilibrium sphere) gives multiple designs. I can choose one that works for the storytelling activity that we are working on at that time.


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