• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments: Share Moments Daily

Sharing moments daily is the keystone habit for Managing Moments Together. It is a practice I discovered in Ecology of Systems Thinking (EoST) group in 2015. An accidental discovery has evolved to a keystone habit that organizes all other Managing Moments habits!

Share Moments Daily

Share moments daily to discover synergies, and to clarify goals, possibilities, and actions together!

This practice organizes other practices such as journaling and storytelling.

Fifteen Types of Moments

Use the list of fifteen types of moments below as a guide to systematic and consistent moment sharing practice:

Fifteen types of moments to share:

When you

1. see a new possibility

2. figure out what is doable

3. see next steps/projects

4. evolve workflow/routine

5. see progress

6. start a new project

7. modify an existing project

8. decide to continue an existing project

9. . expand projects incrementally

10. make a new connection

11. discover synergies through conversations

12. clarify possibilities, goals, and activities together

13. choose possibilities, goals, and activities together

14. evolve knowledge and skills together

15. evolve workflows, routines, and habits together


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