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Managing Moments Method: Write a "Glad I Did It" Story

Updated: Jul 3

Stories are strings of moments, the first key component of the Managing Moments journal.

When we first see a possibility, we often have a hunch that it is worth exploring. Much time may elapse before a well-defined project emerges and is executed to achieve desired results. Looking back, we can think about whether pursuing the possibility was a good decision. This is the underlying idea of a Glad I Did It! story. Writing a Glad I Did It! story is an important technique that provides insights into the interplay of moments and action over extended periods of time.

Sharing a Glad I Did It Story is an important activity for sharing work in progress and playing it forward. It enables us to share our story in a way that others can gain actionable insights.

There are many kinds of moments. Five kinds of moments (Awareness, Discovery, Direction, Integration, and Transformation) are of particular importance to the Managing Moments approach. These moments depict the flow of events from the initial recognition of possibility to a completed project.

  • When we become Aware of_________________

  • When we Discovered a project was doable and worth doing

  • When we decided on the next micro-project (Direction)

  • When we saw ways to make it work (Integration)

  • When we saw results (Transformation)

Glad I Did It!

Yesterday, we finished designing our Managing Moments journal with a TUL notebook and a Managing Moments kit designed by tamaala. While I had seen many benefits of developing this initial prototype product, I was more convinced of its value when we used it in implementing our final design. This five moment Glad I Did It! story is about the development of our Managing Moments kit.


01/05/2019: Became aware of stationery box from tamaala when I received a box at a conference. Idania Cater had suggested creating a GSS journal so I was aware of the possibility of creating a journal as an important step in GSS development. When I saw the box, I sensed that journal development was now becoming doable. At this point, I was not clear about specific activities to get the project done. I started to ask: “Is this stationery box right for the GSS journal?”


01/06/2019: I started investigating the possibility of creating the journal. I experimented with the box. I also started discussing the project with Vinay Prashant from tamaala arts. I made many discoveries during this phase. Throughout this phase, I was asking: “Is this project doable and worth doing?


2/7/2019: We decided on a product design and production details. Since tamaala includes a certain set of post-it colors in the box, we decided to retain those elements. We decided to include a reference card in the box. We decided on micro/nano projects to get the project done. During this phase, I asked: What nano-projects (short projects with clear success criteria that are doable with the resources at hand) should we now?


2/27/2019: We met at tamaala arts in Bengaluru and finalized product details. We focused on the reference card design. The question during this phase was: How can we get this project done?


03/04/2019: The Moments Journal was released.

The project was completed in two months! Our systems of success played an important in the rapid execution of the project! The release of the product is a critical milestone in GSS development as it has made many other projects doable now. The question I am considering now: How has the GSS Moments journal prototype shifted the GSS journey? What are my six month, 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year goals?

Managing Moments Kit

We are now ready to move into the next phase of development with Tamaala Arts! While the components of the kit are the same, the Managing Moments process has become clearer. Our branding work for Managing Moments is also complete. The integration of the kit and notebook has also been developed. Finally, we have practiced journaling with the notebook and technology tools (e.g., Thortspace) and we have a consistent process across tools.

About Glad I Did It!

I got the idea of "Glad It Did It!" stories from my study of The PhD Project. Over time, I realized that it is a useful technique in Managing Moments!


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