• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments during COVID 19 Times: Learning Thortspace

Glad I Did It!

This is our second Glad I did it story. Learning Thortspace was an important project in May 2020. We want to reflect on this project, and share why it was useful for us.

Why this activity?

This activity is an important activity for sharing work in progress and playing it forward. It enables us to share our story in a way that others can gain actionable insights.

  • How did we become Aware of_________________?

  • How did we Discover that it was doable and worth doing?

  • How did we decide on our next steps (Direction)?

  • What did we do to make it work (Integration)?

  • How did it work (Transformation)?

  • How did we share our learning with others (Together)?

We have been using Thortspace for journaling for a month. I am glad that we started exploring Thortspace in a systematic way in March 2020 as that has helped us develop precise use cases for Thortspace including journaling and storytelling.

1. When did we become Aware of the possibility?

On March 18, 2020, we decided to postpone Ananth's Arangetram dance performance because of COVID 19 situation. Later, face-to-face classes were cancelled. Suddenly, there was some time to explore other projects. We had experimented with Thortspace for a few years. We thought that digging deeper into Thortspace would enable us to use it more effectively.

2. When did we Discover that it was doable and worth doing?

We tried practicing searching and browsing in Thortspace. These are features that Ananth and I had not used before. But it occurred to me that locating thorts for update and review was important for the journal process. This first exploration convinced me to continue focusing on a few features a week.

3. How did we decide on our next steps (Direction)?

Once the project became doable, we chose a few Thortspace features each week. We also decided to work on our Managing Moments journal as we practiced these features. We made a list of features and chose a weekly focus based on needs.

4. What did we do to make it work (Integration)?

We set up a sphere for each macro-project. We designed and added information to these spheres gradually during the past two months.

5. How are we doing (Transformation)?

As of May 31, 2020, our Managing Moments journal design is complete. We have started writing a workbook. Other projects are becoming doable since the journal design is now complete.

6. Who do we talk to about our project?

We share our project in the Growing Systems of Success, Thortspace, and Printernet communities. User suggestions and feedback has played an important role in finalizing the design of the journal.

Using Thortspace

We are writing stories in Thortspace. After writing the story, we use List all Thorts in Browser feature to copy the text of the story into the blog post. Since we have all our text in Thortspace, it will be easy for us to use the text in workbook and in other resources.


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