• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments: Becoming Aware

As a parent, moments that make me aware of new possibilities are an important type of moment. Learning about a possibility that we had not considered expands opportunities for learning and development!

When you become aware of a new possibility, ask:

Is this for us?

There can be many answers:

  • Yes

  • May be

  • No

  • Not now

If the answer is no, you may decide not to investigate the possibility. Otherwise, set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realizable, Time-framed) goals and take some action to investigate the possibility. Use your capacities and resources to investigate the possibility. For example, talk to someone you know about the possibility.

The figure above shows the descriptions of the colors used in the process description. The process is also shown as a list below:


When I became aware of the Creative Programming course by HasHackCode in December 2019, I started asking “Is this for us?” I set up an appointment with Manu Sekhar, CEO and coach at HashHackCode. We discussed the program. While the course seemed to be a possibility worth considering, we were not able to do it at that time.


1. Write about a moment when you became aware of a new possibility.

2. What was your initial response to “Is this for me?


3. What SMART goals did you set to learn more about this possibility? .

4. What did you do to learn more about this possibility?

5. How did you use your capacities (Six Cs) and resources to investigate this possibility?

  • Connections :

  • Conversations :

  • Clarify :

  • Choices:

  • Competence:

  • Coordination:

Choosing the right possibilities: Learning4LIFE goals

What criteria do you use to evaluate possibilities?

The Learning4LIFE questions below are a simple set of questions that you can use to start evaluating any possibility. Answering these questions for the parent and for the child separately and use the responses to guide selection of learning projects/activities.

L: Learning Daily: What do you learn daily?

I: Interests: What do you like to do daily?

F: Family Interactions: How do you learn with your family daily?

E: Engagement: How do you engage your family daily?


I am an Electrical Engineer and have a Ph.D. in information systems. Coding is interesting to me. Our son also enjoys experimenting with software. Learning coding in a more formal setting with HasHackCode is a possibility seemed right for us!

L: We thought it was worthwhile practicing coding daily

I: Learning in a systematic way can develop the initial interest into a sustained interest

F: Coding is an activity we can do together

E: Coding is an activity that we can use to engage others

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