• Dasaratha Rama

Managing Moments Animations with Thortspace

Our Creative Coding course is resulting in a fresh look at familiar tools! Since Ananth made the CSS Transitions - Life Transitions Analogy, we have started re-orienting Managing Moments presentation to the changes we can produce by Managing Moments effectively, and the steps we can do to become better at Managing Moments!

We are also beginning to use our familiar tools in a different way. Below is an animation created from Thortspace that shows how new projects are initiated under Managing Moments.

  1. We grow our Six Cs (Connections, Conversations, Clarity, Choice, Competence, Coordination). We play it forward daily.

  2. Six Cs and playing it forward guide us in starting the right projects.

  3. We use our Six Cs and playing it forward to start the project.

This simple animation shows how growing our Six Cs and playing it forward enhances our ability to start the right project!


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