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Managing Moments

Today, Ananth created his badge for level 4 of the Creative Coding course with HashHackCode.

We found a way to use Ananth's badge as a "moment spinner." We engage moments from the recent past as well as much older ones as we decide on the right micro-projects!

A more personalized version of the +iT canvas. Each of us engages moments differently based on our experiences and capacities!

+: Moments we experience

i: intentional action

T: Transformation

The Story of this Micro-project


As Ananth started working on the badge, I started asking:

Is this design for us?

This was lesson 40 with HashHackCode. From past experience, I know that there are many designs that we find useful in expressing our Managing Moments ideas!

As the design progressed, I saw the possibility of overlaying the design on our +iT canvas to create a personalized version of the canvas!


After the class, I experimented with some designs in Canva. The question at this stage was

Is this micro-project doable?

Since we have many poster designs in Canva, I knew I could locate a few posters and experiment.


The question at this stage was:

What can I do next?

Since I am experimenting with animations to enhance delivery of the Managing Moments content, this project seemed worth doing!


The question at this stage was:

How can I get it done?

Since Ananth had already created the gif file for his badge, getting it done was easy.

Not much effort was needed because of the time spent on creating Canva posters over the years. I found a poster and decided to include the animation on the poster.


The question at this stage is:

How am I doing?

I am satisfied with the result. Each of us have our unique way of engaging the flow of moments. I like the personalized moment spinner on the +! I am waiting to see new designs and possibilities. How will the future creative coding lessons affect our storytelling?


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