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Make a Managing Moments Monthly Map

Visual Mapping and Communication of Projects

We use the Managing Moments journal to record moments, propelling questions, SMART goals, activities, and capacities/resources. However, we felt the need for a monthly roadmap to show the project status and evolution at a glance.

The map below shows the following:

Our Visual Thinking with Cognitive Jigs project has evolved to include four key micro-projects:

  • Creating visual thinking video resources in Powtoon

  • Integrating videos in Powerpoint

  • Organizing resources and activities using Managing Moments journal template

  • Curating key resources in Wakel


The key moment this month was when I became aware of the possibility of presenting visual information organized by cognitive jigs using Powtoon videos. In turn, this moment was catalyzed due to our ongoing animation experiences with HashHackCode.

Once we started using Powtoon regularly, other moments happened:

  • We decided to use Powerpoint to integrate videos with longer explanations and additional visual maps

  • We decided to focus on Googlesheet implementation of Managing Moments journal this month

  • We decided to compile, curate, and share resources via Wakelet


All four micro-projects are in a similar status. We have committed to a direction. Our question is:

  • How do we get it done?

SMART goals

We are now beginning to identify SMART goals for each micro-project.

Daily Activities

Daily activities have started taking shape over the last week as we experimented with Powtoon and other tools. Our SMART goals are influenced by these activities. Once SMART goals are articulated, we will proceed with the activities in a more systematic way.

Capacities and Resources

The key resource for this project are templates. .Powtoon templates and the Managing Moments journal templates are critical to the project.


  1. Choose a macro-project (long-term project) .

  2. Choose a tool for creating the Managing Moments Monthly Map (notebook, Word/ Googledoc,

  3. Set up an area for each micro-project that you are working on this month.

  4. Record the following:



Is this for us?

What is becoming doable now?

What can we do next?

How can we get it done?

How are we doing?

SMART goals






Daily Activities

Capacities and Resources

5. Review the monthly map.

6. Talk about the monthly map.


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