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LIFESMART: Daily Journaling Activities

There are 31 questions. You can respond to one question daily to understand the LIFESMART kit components. After the first month, you can select questions and respond as needed. Write your response to the question on a notepaper. Attach a post-it and label the post-it using the one the five ADDIT labels below. The questions are grouped by the five ADDIT components to show the color of the post-it used for that question.

Awareness: Cultivate a LIFESMART Mindset

  1. What would you like to see happen in the next year? Consider different timeframes (1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years etc.) while responding to this question.

  2. What macro-projects are you working on this month?

  3. Describe one macro-project that you are working on this month.

  4. Which moments are influencing your macro-projects and micro-projects this month?

Discovery: Evolve LIFE goals over time

  1. What do you learn daily? (Learning daily)

  2. What do you like to do daily? (Interests)

  3. What do you do with your family daily? (Family Interactions)

  4. How do you engage your community daily? (Engagement with Community)

  5. Write about a moment when you discovered a LIFE goal.

  6. How are your macro-projects helping you achieve your LIFE goals?

Direction: Define SMART Micro-projects

  1. Which micro-projects are you working on this week?

  2. Write SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realizable, Time-framed) goals for a weekly project.

  3. Write about a moment when a micro-project became doable.

Integration: Use capacities and Resources

  1. List influencers/contributors to this project (Connections)

  2. List important Conversations during the month that influenced this project (Conversations)

  3. List steps taken to clarify possibilities, goals, and activities this month (Clarity)

  4. List key choices made this month. (Choice)

  5. List skills that you are practicing this month. (Competence)

  6. List improvements to workflow, routines, and project management activities (Coordination)

  7. Write about a moment when you made a new connection. (Connections)

  8. How are you growing your personal learning networks?

  9. How do you engage members of online networks?

  10. Which Cs do you need to grow now? Why?

Transformation: Monitor progress/ results

  1. What progress have you made this month?

  2. List projects that you started this month (Initiating)

  3. List changes that you made to existing projects this month. (Adapting)

  4. List projects that you are continuing from prior months. (Sustaining)

  5. List extensions to completed projects (Extending)

  6. How are your capacities and resources growing because of your micro-projects?

  7. Overall, what progress have you made towards your LIFE goals this month?

  8. Build your LIFESMART roadmap summarizing your LIFE goals and SMART micro-projects.

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