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Learning4LIFE Activities: Post 1 of 10

Make a list of Connections

One key component of the Learning4LIFE framework is Connections. .

While the importance of connections is well-recognized, the unique feature of Learning4LIFE is looking at connections from a family perspective. Many of Ananth's connections started out as my connections. For example, many people respond to his posts in our Learning4LIFE Facebook groups. These are individuals with whom I have developed trusted relationships. I invited Ananth here for the same reason.

Family interactions (F in Learning4LIFE) set the stage for families to engage communities together (E in Learning4LIFE). Homeschooling (learning together as a family) set the stage for Ananth and I to co-evolve enagement in communities!

Practicing Learning4LIFE Activities with Thortspace

This series of posts is also intended as a project for families to practice their Thortspace skills together while practicing Learning4LIFE concepts and method.

Implement your Learning4LIFE worksheet in Thortspace! Practice Thortspace while learning each element of the Learning4LIFE framework in a systematic way.

A list is easy to implement in Thortspace! Create a group of thorts using the Group option (see image below).

In Thortspace, we can lift a thort to highlight one item of a list.

We can also view and edit the list in Do mode. We prefer this view for editing!

The Learning4LIFE worksheet

This blog post addressed activity 2. A series of posts will be written to discuss each activity.

Activity 1. List important moments in the last three months that have affected your daily LIFE activities.

1a. List important moments in the last three months 

1b. Write your daily LIFE story

  L: Learning Daily: What do you learn daily?

  I: Interests: What do you like to do daily?

  F: Family: What do you do with your family daily?

E: Engagement: How do you engage your daily?

Activity 2. Make a list of connections.

Activity 3. Make a list of daily conversation opportunities.

Activity 4. Make a list of clarifying moments this month.

Activity 5. List key choices made this month.

Activity 6. Make a list of skills (competence) that you are practicing this month.

Activity 7. Describe changes in routines/ workflows (coordination) this month.

Activity 8. Map a journey using the five ADDIT phases.

Mapping our Visual Thinking Journey: July 2020

  • Awareness (seeing a possibility)

  • Discovery (looking for doable projects)

  • Direction (choosing next steps)

  • Integration (evolving routines and workflows)

  • Transformation (seeing progress/results)

Activity 9. Track project development and status

  • Initiating: New project started this month

  • Adapting: Modifications to existing projects this month

  • Sustaining: Continuing projects

  • Extending: Incremental expansions to successful projects

Activity 10. Describe how you play it forward by sharing ideas and experiences.

About Learning4LIFE

The Learning4LIFE approach is based on my experiences as a professor and home educator for multiple decades. My study of The PhD Project was an invaluable experience that helped me develop a rich set of concepts, practices, and tools for implementing Learning4LIFE.

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