• Dasaratha Rama

Launching our Learning4LIFE Study Group

Exciting moment in our journey! Finally, all our explorations have converged on the development of our first Learning4LIFE study group.

The Learning4LIFE July 2020 Study Group Project

Enhancing Visual Thinking with Cognitive Jigs

We will use the Managing Moments Method to run the study group. A set of topics has been identified. However, we recognize that moments will influence what we discuss and how learning unfolds over time.

As an example, Ananth suddenly came up with an analogy yesterday that is having significant impact on what we are doing. Thus, I intend to discuss analogies now while we have a live example to demonstrate the power of cognitive jigs.

Getting Started

Visit our Wakelet resource here. You can also view the Wakelet here on this page to explore

Review the resources and join the conversation! We look forward t learning with you!


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