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Journaling with Thortspace: Use Linked Spheres

Moments influence us to start, modify, continue, and expand projects over time.

Organize your Managing Moments journal into a set of linked spheres with Thortspace. The linked spheres show active macro-projects at a given time. Linked spheres enable us to record information about different projects in different spheres while being able to see all projects at a glance. We can also navigate between projects with ease.


1. Create a new sphere for each month.

2. Create a sphere for each macro-project that you intend to work on this year.

3. Link active projects to the sphere for that month.

4. Add a new sphere when you start a new project

The Managing Moments Template

Copy the Managing Moments journal template to start your journal for one macro-project! The macro-project journal template is available here. As you create spheres for multiple projects, create a sphere for the month. Link each macro-project sphere to that monthly sphere.

A comparison of the linked spheres over time shows how macro-projects (long-term whose goals and activities are clarified over time and executed as resources become available) evolve over time.

Michael Josefowicz notes:

Lovely image to see what it means by having many many projects. I'm sure that a chart like that for everyone would help people see what they are doing. Also if

Ananth Raghunandan can elegantly keep everything moving forward, people should be able to see that if they learn the method they will also be able to keep everything moving forward without having to be all stressed.


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