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Is Thortspace right for me?

Daily moment share is the keystone habit for Managing Moments Together! Each of us has to manage our own moments. By sharing moments, we can discover synergies and support each other! This blog is for sharing moments that have influenced my thinking and actions over time.

Today's Moment Share: Becoming Aware of Thortspace as a tool for Collecting Ideas

The first of a series of 15 posts on my Thortspace user journey. I see Thortspace journey as a series of moments! I am continuously experiencing moments that guide my use of Thortspace. A recent moment was when the idea of Thortspace as a tool for collecting information crystallized for me!

As I become aware of new ways of using Thortspace, I ask:

Is this way of using Thortspace right for me?

Since I know I can categorize, re-arrange, group, and present in different ways over time, using Thortspace as a place to collect my ideas is right for me!

06-21-2020: Capturing notes in an online session

Given my awareness of Thortspace as a repository of ideas, I decided to collect ideas from a talk on inclusion in Thortspace. There are many tools to capture notes. But I did not hesitate and went to Thortspace! I have experimented with numerous tools over the years so choosing Thortspace as the place to gather information is a significant moment in my Thortspace journey!

I became convinced of the value of Thortspace as an information capture tool because of my experience coaching my son to implement his journal in Thortspace. The spheres have evolved gradually over two months and now provide a glimpse of his journey at a glance! Yesterday, I started building my own journal. Today, I linked Redesigning for Inclusion to my sphere.

Review the list of important moment types that guide our actions! I will be discussing each of these types of moments over the next two weeks using my Thortspace journey as an example. Share a moment with your family, friends, or members of an online community!


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