• Dasaratha Rama

Implementing a Learning Sandbox with Thortspace

Over the years, we have experimented with numerous tools for supporting our learning process. While we did not discover new tools in July 2020, we made significant progress in figuring out how to use our repertoire of tools.

We are now organizing learning tools into five key categories:

Learning4LIFE Tools

Learning4LIFE Roadmap: Trello

Learning Journal: Googlesheet

Learning Sandbox: Thortspace

Learning Portfolio: Wakelet

Visual Stories: Canva, Powtoon

Learning4LIFE Sandbox

The Learning4LIFE Sandbox tools are used to capture ideas, resources, connections, and other information that has the potential for influencing our learning process. We see Thortspace as our learning sandbox. We capture concepts, project ideas, and other information before we fully understand how this information will be organized and used in the future. Rapid capture and flexible re-organization in Thortspace makes it our choice for a learning sandbox.

Improving learning Process with Technology: August 2020

1. Build Learning4LIFE monthly map (Trello)

2. Make plan for week/ month (Googlesheet)

3. Track daily learning activities (Googlesheet)

4. Capture ideas quickly (Thortspace)

5. Group ideas in different ways (Thortspace)

6. Categorize ideas in different ways (Thortspace)

7. Re-arrange ideas easily (Thortspace)

8. View ideas in different ways (Thortspace)

9. Transfer ideas to other software easily (Thortspace)

10. Wakelet: Build portfolio

11. Wakelet: Share portfolio

12. Powtoon: Create concise, engaging videos to share ideas/ experiences


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