• Dasaratha Rama

Glad I Did It!

Today, Ananth and I created an animation with Powerpoint. Even though I have used Powerpoint for many years, I had never used animations in Powerpoint.


The idea for using animations came to me when Ananth talked about life transitions and CSS transitions after a class with HashHackCode. That is the moment I started asking whether animations would be useful for conveying the Managing Moments message and method.


We started experimenting with animations. Yesterday, I decided to experiment with keyframes to show a series of color changes. Today, I decided to give Powerpoint a try!


It was much easier to create the animation in Powerpoint. It took me some time to learn the skills for creating animations with Powerpoint. Once I figured out how to do what I wanted, I could do it farily quickly.


The benefit of the courses we have been doing with HashHackCode is that we have been immersed in creating a variety of animations for the last few months. Thus, the idea for what I wanted to create has been slowly taking shape. Since I was clear about what I wanted, I learned just enough Powerpoint animation skills to render my design. We have also been experimenting with Screen2gif for some time. Once I had done the animation, I could quickly create a gif for use in this blog post.


It is likely that we will use Powerpoint for creating animations for this project. It is faster and the graphics look clearer. However, as we continue our learning journey with HashHackCode, we expect to learn more about use of animations to communicate our message!

The animation below shows the journey of a project from the initial recognition of possibility to a completed project. We have narrated five moment stories and Glad I Did It! stories many times in the past. We think the animation clarifies the journey of a project and helps us better utilize the Managing Moments canvas


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