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Glad I Did It!

Glad I Did It!I am glad we decided to start our blog this month! We have been able to build on our rapid journaling practices from May 2020 to evolve our visual storytelling practices.

1. Moments

06-05-2020: Journaling on the torus ring led me to refine the journal design to spotlight the message that unpredictable moments and systematic, focused action. For example, the decision to build the blog from our Thortspace journal happened suddenly. As we sustained work on our journal, there was a moment when we saw this possibility. Now, we are writing the blog daily.

2. SMART goals

Write a blog post daily in June 2020.

If the blog post uses the Thortspace journal, include a Thortspace journey and image/gif.

If blog post does not include Thortspace journal, include other visuals.

3. Track Daily Activities

June 2020

06-01-2020: Wrote story in Thortspace and transferred to Wix

06-02-2020: Using Thortspace: Linking and Embedding Spheres

06-03-2020: Is this for me?

06-04-2020: Personalize Practice with the Managing Moments Journal

06-05-2020: Why Fold Circles

06-06-2020: Unpredicatble Moments and Focused Daily Activities

4. Capacities: Connections

Jane Tyson

Michael Josefowicz

Peter Jones

Andrew Bindon

Phil Shepherd

Colin Horner

Bradford Hansen-Smith


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