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Glad I Did It!

Activity: Write a Glad I Did it! story

I have been thinking about the Managing Moments Daily group and the Growing Systems of Success group for the last two months. Overall, my idea has been to stay focused on specific techniques and tools in this group. I am considering sharing one activity each week.

This week's suggested activity is:

Write a Glad I Did it! story

Why this activity?

This activity is an important activity for sharing work in progress and playing it forward. It enables us to share our story in a way that others can gain actionable insights.

  • How did we become Aware of_________________?

  • How did we Discover that it was doable and worth doing?

  • How did we decide on our next steps (Direction)?

  • What did we do to make it work (Integration)?

  • How did it work (Transformation)?

  • How did we share our learning with others (Together)?


As we embark on the next phase of our Managing Moments journey, I am again thankful of the work Boaz Branding has done for us over the years.

How did we become Aware of branding?

This is a story where I have a vivid memory of how something began. At our first meeting, Boaz said “Dr. Rama, I think you should stop writing and do some branding first.” I was surprised. Given that I was approaching the project as a research project, the thought of branding had not occurred to me! I started asking "Is branding right for me?"

How did we Discover that it was doable and worth doing?

I started investigating the possibility of branding. After several conversations with Boaz, I was convinced that it was worth pursuing this possibility. The question that I asked at this stage was “Can I do it?” Boaz made it doable. He is highly skilled and creative. He was able to take information about the model and create graphics that have endured even as the thinking and explanations have evolved over the last six years.

How did we decide on our next steps (Direction)?

Given this early start, I was able to integrate branding, graphic design, website development, and social media presence throughout Managing Moments (MM) development. Seeking direction is an ongoing process of asking “What do I do next?” A moment of clarity happened and we decided to develop the MM canvas.

What did we do to make it work (Integration)?

Once MM took shape and I was ready to write the book, I started integrating the MM canvas in the book. The key question at this stage was “How do I make it work?” After much experimentation, I found a way to integrate the MM canvas.

How did it work (Transformation)?

Today, the pieces created by Boaz Branding are being transformed into a Managing Moments workbook. The key question is “How is it working?” I have seen the importance of branding for Managing Moments. Thanks to Boaz Branding, I am able to weave GSS components together into visual stories.

How did we share our learning with others (Together)?

The MM canvas, book covers, and other resources designed by Boaz Branding are an integral part of our communication in print, Facebook groups, Twitter etc.

Using Thortspace

We are writing stories in Thortspace. After writing the story, we use List all Thorts in Browser feature to copy the text of the story into the blog post. Since we have all our text in Thortspace, it will be easy for us to use the text in workbook and in other resources.


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