• Dasaratha Rama

Encouraging Digital Expression through Newsletters

The Learning4LIFE newsletter is one of our most important projects for 2020.

Conversations play an important role on Managing Moments. As I have grown connections and conversations over the years, my confidence in identifying the right projects at the right time has grown. I know I can trust my network to help me clarify actions at any given time!

Digital expression has been a vehicle for growing conversations. I have used numerous tools and techniques for organizing communication in online networks.

These experiences have fueled a desire to create a newsletter where parents, professionals, students, and teachers contribute to a regular newsletter. Curating diverse voices in a newsletter helps orchestrate conversations and create vibrant learning communities!

My journey to storytelling as a vehicle for growing conversations in communities started in 2011 when I attended the annual conference of The PhD Project (ww.phdprojectproject.org), an organization that seeks to diversify the workforce by diversifying business school faculty. I was intrigued by the way the organization orchestrated conversations through storytelling to create a cohesive and engaging conference experience. The PhD Project published my book based on my study of their model in 2018. Of the many lessons I learned, giving voice through storytelling is one that has had a lasting impact on my work

To learn more about lessons learned from The PhD Project, View the Wakelet below.


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