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Documenting and Sharing our Creative Programming Journey with the Managing Moments Kit

We started the Creative Programming course just as we were finishing the design of our Managing Moments journal. Thus, we are documenting our progress, planning, and sharing our journey using this journal from the beginning!

The Managing Moments Kit

The Managing Moments kit contains post-its in five colors, notepaper, clips, and other items. We use the kit with a notebook to implement our journal.

This is a page in our Creative Programming journal that shows our journey at a glance.

1. Moments

One important type of moment is when we complete short, well-defined micro-projects. As seen from our journal page:

06-08-2020: Completed level 1. of Creative programming

2. Questions

Moments spark questions. When we complete one micro-project, a question that we ask is:

What can I do next?

06-09-2020: Decided to start level 2

3. Capacities and Resources

The third key component of our journal is capacities and resources.


Our connections increase our capacity to learn and to get things done. Manu Sekhar, CEO and coach, HashHackCode, is a key connections



4. SMART Goals

The fourth component of our journal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-framed) goals.

We intend to complete Level 2 of the Creative Programming course by 07-01-2020

5. Daily Activities

Remote learning: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Daily Practice

We will continue to use our journal for documenting our progress and to make plans. We can also use the journal to share our journey with others in the Creative Programming Community.


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