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Developing Movement, Emotion, and Communication with Bharatanatyam

DANCE4LIFE: 10-27-2020

“Yatho hasta thatho drishti,

Yatho drishti thatho manah

Yatho manah thatho Bhaava,

Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa.”

When Professor Mohanan narrated this sloka at the parent workshop in Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital in February 2020, it struck me that he had captured the essence of how Bharatanatyam can be a vehicle for holistic development!

Communication involves movement, and emotions are an integral part of communication!

A promising starting point for using Bharatanatyam for nurturing development of all children. Bharatanatyam may be even more important for those with socio-communicative challenges. Many individuals with autism and related challenges also have sensory-motor challenges. By integrating movement, emotion, and communication and providing a systematic and incremental learning approach, I see Bharatnatyam's therapeutic potential as immense. Hopefully, more people will discover the value of Bharatanatyam over time.

So I requested Professor Mohanan to narrate these lines with meaning.

The meaning rendered in more detail in the video:

Where the hands(hasta) are, follow the eyes (drishti); Where the eyes are, goes the mind (manah); Where the mind goes, the expression comes (bhaava) and where there is bhaava, a mood (rasa) is evoked.


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