• Dasaratha Rama

Creating our Visual Mapping Badge

We finished level 3 of the Creative Coding Course with HashHackCode this week.

Peter jones, one of our key influencers for many years, remarked:

This badge could be representative of a meme, of choosing a tool from a toolbox to effect a certain change in appearance or even behaviour, to suit circumstance and need .

A great idea! Now, we can summarize monthly tool use and progress with a badge!

Four tools that we used this month:

  • Tr: Trello

  • Th: Thortspace

  • W: Wakelet

  • G: Googedoc


We had experimented with Trello in the past. However, we had not used it much over the past few years. Suddenly, we realized that Trello meets certain needs for communicating our Learning4LIFE model. So we started using Trello this month.


We have been using Thortspace regularly since April 2020. As we move some content to Trello, we will be refining use of Thortspace.


We are continuing to use Wakelet.


We are gradually expanding Googledoc use to build a Learning4LIFE monthly map.

Learning4LIFE Notes: Power of Engagement!

L: Learning Daily: Coding daily

I: Interests: Discovering ways to use knowledge in ways that are interesting to us

F: Family Interactions: Ananth and I work together on coding

E: Engagement with Community: Engagement expands learning. In this scenario, Peter's comment gave us an opportunity


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